ACNA Launches The Telos Collective

Your mission must be executed through the mindset of a missionary.

The first, and most crucial, part of The Telos Collective’s mission is to gather Anglican leaders from every diocese who think like missionaries, who are committed to using every strategy at their disposal to reach 21st century North America for Christ. This group of men and women exegetes the culture within the biblical framework of God’s desire for humanity. They seek answers to these questions: What specific things or experiences are people today looking for from spirituality? What are their felt needs? What language resonates with them? How will they experience church for their own good? This strategic alliance of leaders uncovers insights toward the engagement of a new spiritual frontier.

The Telos Collective: Anglicans at the Intersection of Gospel and Culture

If the church is not on mission, it is not itself.

Our second objective is to renew the Anglican church with the confidence and tools it needs to turn outward—to be re-missioned and re-sent into the world to joyfully make disciples. We have a unique voice, a deeply sacramental, missional tradition, a rootedness that’s desperately needed in contemporary culture. Through supportive strategies and non-guilt-producing measures, The Telos Collective is helping the Anglican church gain confidence in its ability to communicate the Gospel to a modern audience.

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